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Where Gun Control is using Two Hands

Thank you for visiting my webpage.  I am an animal damage control officer.  You could say that I'm a "wildlife policeman" because I'm the person to call if a hungry bear walks into your backyard, breaks into the bird feeder after eating all the suet, goes over to your dog's bowl, gobbles down all the kibble and then tries to follow Fido into the house through the dog door.  Other scenarios include catching feral cats carrying disease, coyotes bent on eating house pets, or predators thinning out a farmer's livestock.
  My job is to protect human's from wildlife, to protect wildlife from people, to educate the public about correct behavior for living with wildlife, and to act in the best interests of wildlife as a whole to maintain the largest diversity of animals in a healthy ecosystem that also includes people.
  I have found the best breed of dog to assist me in my job is the Black Mouth Cur.  It's fast, agile and extremely intelligent.  Using dogs of this caliber minimizes the danger to me, the dogs, and the animal I'm trying to remove.  Most animals when faced by an overwhelming opponent usually submit and then it is easier to safely deal with them. 

  My favorite dog is Montana Bounty Hunter.  He's everything a animal control dog should be.  He has a cold nose, he's fast and most importantly, he listens exceptionally well.  I don't have time to make sure that Hunter is doing his part in the middle of a violent confrontation,  I have to be able to trust Hunter is where he's supposed to be, doing exactly what I told him.  Of course I also want him to have the grit to keep the nuisance animal bayed up until I arrive and when I come up with a gun and I tell him to back away, I have to be able to concentrate on the unfortunate animal for a clear shot and not worry about Hunter jumping into the fight again.  I don't want to shoot my dog and have the animal hurt Hunter while he's sleeping the drugs off.

In Addition to Hunter, I have his sister, Montana Rose, a 75% Weatherford's Ben female.  She's fast, smart, and a real sweetheart and I plan to breed her when I find a male of good enough quality. 

I also have a high percentage Ben female, named Cody, that I have bred to Hunter.  I have kept three females from the litter named; Runt, Little Cody, and Goldy.  They are very agile, eager, and game-oriented.  They really want to get out and hunt.  Like their parents, they are exceptionally obedient.  These dogs are what I call soft dogs because they have such an overwhelming desire to please you, the only correction you need with them is a stern word or tone of voice.





























Montana Bounty Hunter

  What I like most about Hunter is he will track whatever I ask him to find (Mountain Lion, Raccoon, Bear, or Coyote) under any condition (Hot/Cold, Wet/Dry) no matter how tired or worn out he is. Hunter is extremely smart, observant and has a strong desire to please.   He seems to figure out what I want before I say anything.  When I go somewhere, I don't need to keep him on a leash or tie him up.  He's stays close by me unless I send him out to find something.
   My goal is to breed more dogs like Hunter with the same abilities and his strong desire to please as well as being a great family dog.

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