Foundation Black Mouth Cur Breeder’s Organization, Inc.
Original Black Mouth Cur Breed Standard
East Texas Cur, East Texas Mountain Dog Breed Standard

  1. Name - Original Black Mouth Cur, East Texas Cur, or East Texas Mountain Dog. Dogs must carry East Texas Ancestry; the breed was developed in East Texas!
  2. Color – Red, Red Yellow, Fawn, Golden or dark Yellow, Yellow, Light Yellow, Sandy Yellow, to Buckskin. With or without Black Muzzle or Mask. Red to pink markings on mouth considered "Pale Markings". Small amounts of white allowed on head, chest, legs and tip of tail. Never black, brindle, merle, or spotted.
  3. Head – Dome flat, wide muzzle proportional to head size, good stout heavy jaws.
  4. Nose & Mouth – Heavy, broad & square with well opened nostrils.
  5. Eyes – Large well opened, never slanted, well set apart
    Color – Light Green, Green, Light Yellow to brown to dark brown. Never Blue, Cracked, Glass or White.
  6. Ears – Set and attached high on head, never down on side of head. Ears should be thick and of a medium short to medium length.
  7. Teeth – Strong well matched, adapting in a perfect scissor bite.
  8. Chest – Broad, deep, and heavily muscled, never narrow.
  9. Legs – Well muscled with strong bone, cat footed. Should be parallel to straight of upright body.
  10. Feet – Strong and rounded, toes well-arched and compact, well-developed pads compact and elastic. Can be webbed footed.
  11. Dewclaws – Preferred not required, definite characteristic of the true breed. One or two on each rear leg placed low giving a wider base of foot.
  12. Tail – Bob to medium to long in length. Can be keen, well coated with hair, never flag tail.
  13. Coat – Coarse to rough to fine, never wooly or long.
  14. Neck – Strong, well muscled and constructed.
  15. Back – Broad and strong with a good straight set backbone being ideally slightly arched for speed.
  16. Voice – Total silent on track, semi-open on a very hot track is allowed, not preferred, NEVER open like a hound. Good chop on bay or tree, ringing cry or slight yodel allowed, Never full blown bawl mouth!
  17. Height – Males 18 to 28 inches at shoulder, females 16 to 26 inches at shoulder.
  18. Weight – Males 55 to 115 pounds. Females 45 to 85 pounds, height and weight always well proportioned.
  19. Gait – Walk to canter type gait or trot gait, gallop to hard run.
  20. Desire – Hard driving working and tree dog, CATCH DOG FIRST, that runs to catch and catches to kill. Unusually strong desire to please and work until death.
  21. Disposition – A stay put territorial dog on home grounds, very protective of owner or family. Predictable under stressful conditions, with even temperament. Very loyal and affectionate towards master and family, they will give their life if needed and are nor tolerant towards strangers.
  22. Characteristics – A fast hard hunter, they will find prey by trailing up or winding scent, by sight or also by hearing game. Catch and bay dogs on cattle, hogs and other big game, on herds will circle and bay, on runoffs getting rougher and rougher and catching when necessary. Locating type tree dog that trees because of desire to catch and kill. Excellent fighters, sure footed, almost cat like, quick and agile. Never backs from fear, aggressive and charges because of courage and desire to catch and kill. They are blood dogs, and make excellent blood track dogs on all wounded game. Intelligence and versatility make them perfect for their main purpose they were bred for; all purpose ranch and farm stock dogs.  They can also be used for big game dogs, tree dogs, and human Search And Rescue (SAR) find dogs.


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