Breed Standards

The Breed Standard was written by breeders, from the various states of Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana. We are now registering the Southern Black Mouth Cur dogs, to this breed standard.

Color: Reddish - Golden  yellow to a fawn or Sandy Yellow, with or without a black muzzle or mask.  Small amount of white on the toes is allowed and small amount of white hairs on the tip of the tail. The only white spots must be in the chest area. Dogs may have a ring neck, be brindle or black. Dogs with leopard spots will not be registered with this association.

Head: Dome - flat, wide between the eyes, eyes well set, heavy muzzle. Nose and mouth - square muzzle - proportioned to head.

Eyes: Large, well opened, never narrow or slanted. Color - medium brown or darker. Never any glass eyes, (as in the Catahoula dogs). 

Ears: Attached and set high on the head. Never down on the side of the head. Ears should be thick and hang freely. Easr should never touch the nose, unless stretched or pulled to do so.

Chest: Heavy, well muscled, never narrow. Front legs wide apart.

Legs: Well muscled all the way down to the feet. Never coon footed, but cat footed. Straight front and hind legs - parallel  to their straight and up - right body. Back legs are never to resemble shepherd breeds.

Feet: Strong and round toes well arched, but never small long toes. Can be web footed between toes, which is helpful in water and or mud.

Tail: Medium length, must be 10" long unless it has been cut, (cutting is not advised). Can be keen but must be well coated with hair, never flag tailed. NO natural bob - tails allowed.

Coat: Can be course or fine hair, but never long or woolly.

Jaws: Heavy and well set for strength.

Teeth: Well matched in front. Never parrot mouthed or under - shot.

Back: Broad, well muscled, not swayed or humped.

Voice: Silent trailing is preferred. Semi - open is acceptable. Cur dogs never bawl, but a medium ringing cry or yodel is ok. Chop on tree or at bay.

Desire: #1 burning desire is to please his master. Runs to catch and catches to kill.

Gait: Walks fast, From a walk, he goes into a canter - type gallop and then into a stretched out type of hard run.  

Height & Weight: Males; 22'' to 28" at shoulders. Females; 18" to 26" at shoulders. Weight  in proportion to height. Suggested weight males; 55 to 95 pounds, females; 40 to 80 pounds.

Disposition: These dogs have a disposition like no other breed or strain of cur dog. They can be trained to be very protective of property or family. You can predict what they will do under stressful situations. They have a very even temperament. They are very loyal to their masters and all members of the family that raises them. They are exceptionally affectionate toward women and children. They will often not let a strange man even touch them which makes it almost impossible to be stolen. They will give their life (if needed) to protect their master.

Characteristics: Fast, hard hunters which run with exceptional speed. Locating type tree dogs that will follow game from tree to tree because of their desire to kill. Will tree by sight, winding or trailing game to the tree. Will bay or catch on hogs, working hog to disadvantage before catching. Excellent fighters on hogs or bears, sure footed and fast. Always charging and bites because of courage.

 Dogs showing identification traits of another breed indicating a cross - bred dog, (including but not limited to glass eyes, leopard spots, etc.) will not be registered with the SBMCBA. If such a dog is currently registered with the association, papers will be revoked.


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