Photo Gallery

The Kennels below have donated pictures for you to see typical adult dogs and pups produced from that line.

Laurie Mitchell's Sugar (Weatherford's Ben Line)

Mitchell's Sugar 10 months old (75% Weatherford's Ben)


Michael and Gretchen Costa's Bodie (Snow Hill Max and Snow Hill Honey) 37.5 % Weatherford's Ben


Carroll's Quiet Courage 3 months old (Weatherford's Ben and the Arthur line)

Renee Poling's Porter at five months old 56.25% Weatherford's Ben

Chad Pulver's Jager          Elder's Hoss (father of Paul Brady's Spur)           Blaze                                 
                                       75% Weatherford's Ben                       75% Weatherford's Ben                 

           James West's Prince                           Hubert Meeks' Delta             Martin Battalina's Miss Charlie
 Rathke's Reno x Fieldstone Flower                Ladner stock                         South Alabama BMC

Dave Fahnestock's Lady                              Dave Fahnestock's Huck
75% Weatherford's Ben                             56.25% Weatherford's Ben

O'Neal-Powell's Buck
Bruno Line